Watercolour art to bring joy to your home

Aiai Zhang is the artist behind the scenes of Breezy Bird Goodies. As a young girl, Aiai has always loved art and was heavily influenced by her grandfather who was a Chinese painter and calligrapher. Life has its twists and turns. She went on to complete a Law and Arts degree and furthered her studies in Commerce when she moved to Sydney, Australia in 2005. Having worked in the corporate world for many years, Aiai’s desire became stronger to identify her passion in life.

Aiai moved to the Central Coast of NSW from Sydney with her husband in 2015. Her artistic heart was re-ignited by her connection with the native flora and fauna surrounding her new home. Each songbird was singing to her, and just as she admired their free spirit, she tried to capture that in her first paintings. The moment Aiai picked up her paint brush again, she knew deep inside this was where she belonged.

Everything around her is an inspiration. Flying birds, shrubs waving in the breeze, her mind bursts with images to be expressed in her art. Watercolour has been Aiai's favourite medium to use, which manifests her imagination in both detailed and abstract pieces. Her love for contemporary design is reflected in her simple use of white space. Rediscovering this passion brought Aiai so much joy.

And so Breezy Bird Goodies was born. It’s become Aiai’s channel to spread happiness to the world.

Breezy Bird Goodies

Central Coast NSW, Australia

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